001 [ISR] Strategic Relations for Business Profits

How can your growing business gain influence in the community?  If you understand this simple concept you can double business profits and reach key decision makers easily.

What helps leverage hidden assets to sustain growth?  Strategic relations is the one moral, ethical, and perfectly legal way to transform business relationships into profits.

In this excerpt from INNER CIRCLE RELATIONSHIPS, Justin Hitt defines strategic relations as well as provides examples of its application.  Understand this insight will transform your business profits.

This concept is in constant application, however, often hidden from public view.  That is because these methods are so powerful they are often misunderstood.

Using strategic relations will double your business profits because you’ll spend more resources on fewer targeted buyers.  This helps your customers while growing your influence in the community.

[REF. “The Center for Excellence in Entrepreneurial Development” was started in 1999 by Justin Hitt and associates.  This joint venture dissolved with intellectual property assumed by “The Center for Strategic Relations”  under “JWH Consolidated” in 2015.  All part of Justin Hitt’s business analyst work in risk management, relationship development, and business relations consulting.  For details visit http://www.JustinHitt.com/ for solutions in these areas.]